Monday, May 30, 2011

Stuck in Turlock

Check engine light came on in the rental. Waiting outside a CVS for Hertz to answer their phone.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011


The squirrels here are fearless. We didn't even offer them any food and they're practically crawling up our legs for our food.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

In San Jose, we...

... Were so hungry when we landed that we almost ate the Yard House menu before our food came out.

San Jose baby!

Just arrived in San Jose! Waitin' for a car.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Photo Editing

Here's one of the differences about Chris and me: He's all over shooting the weddings and engagements, while by far my favorites are the family and newborn shoots. 

I mean, seriously, how are shots like these not your favorite things in the world?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Around here

Around here, things have been a-changing. Little things, and big things. The biggest thing is that we've inherited (on loan, that is) pretty much all of the awesome things Ryan owns. Ry's moving back home for a bit to save up some money for his own rad house, and apparently his childhood room can't hold the awesomeness that is his giant TV, xbox, playstation, wii, kinect, and various games. 

So our living room has transformed into this:

And my husband has been transformed to this: 

Truthfully though, I love that Chris finally has the awesome TV with awesome Halo 3 to play when he needs a break. That guy works too much and too hard. 

Other new things going on? It's berry season again! We've been eating strawberries by the pound, and we just got a big case of fresh raspberries at Costco last weekend. Soooooo yummy on vanilla ice cream in yellow bowls....

Another new thing: Apparently we've had delicious smelling jasmine right outside our door this whole time. The whole thing bloomed recently and now we come home to yummy flowery smells. Last night I stood outside the door as the sun was going down and it was seriously like magic. I love our house!

Let me tell you some background about this next picture. We had this awful little filing cabinet that was just awful. Awful awful awful. I've had a pile of files on the corner of the desk for weeks because I hated the idea of using that awful filing cabinet. All that changed this weekend when we became the owners of the beautiful and free four-drawer cabinet. Oh, it's so wonderful. I spent a glorious two hours yesterday transferring and updating our files. (Yes. I am that kind of a nerd.)

We've embarked on the project of photo wall. We've got lots of frames and lots of pictures. Too many as we've found. It's hard deciding with will go up on the wall o' awesomeness. (And that blurred blob you see sitting on the couch, outside the doorway? That's C playing Halo 3 still.)

Also loving my craft area. It's eclectic and colorful and I love it.

We also recently inherited this kitchen block. Thank goodness. because we needed some more storage for kitchen stuff. My favorite part of this is the bowl of lemons.

So that's our home update. This has been a really great weekend of relaxing and being with friends and getting some stuff done. Next week we head off to Monterey for some vacation time. That means Ry gets to come hang out with all his stuff for a week! (Just make sure you clean up after your wild parties, Prades. ;)

Friday, May 20, 2011

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"Friday night dinner= leftovers night!"
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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Chris took me out for a spontaneous date night tonight. Love when he does that! We went to BJ's for Happy Hour, sandwiches, and fries, and he told me all about the life plans he'd been thinking up for us. That guy is a planner and I love him! We planned out the New Car Plan, which entails me possibly getting rid of my White Demon soon! Woo-hoo! The White Demon currently has a busted transmission, likes to stall at stoplights, and won't let me roll the windows down. Sigh. But yay for wonderful husband who've got plans!

We stopped by a client's house to pick up a contract and ended up staying to chat for awhile. Their little girl is the sweetest thing; she won't really have a conversation with you unless you really get her out of her shell, but all she really wants is to just stand really close to you when you're around. I practically got a leg hug the entire time. Awesome, considering when we first met she was so shy she just froze, then slowly turned around and tried to tip toe away. I told her we'd be friends, and I was right! Chris is currently at his laptop editing those pictures, and I think they're going to be some of my favorites. The whole family was just great, and they were even color coordinated in purples and blues- love it!

I signed up for my next set of credential classes. When May comes to a close, it will be the end of my third set of four classes. June 1 I'll be starting the final set; just four more classes and I am good to go! Three of the four are going to be cake classes, which I'm looking forward to. First up is Health Ed for kids. The textbook costs $160, so I bought the previous edition for $20. New editions are overrated.

We're waking up early tomorrow because a roof repair guy is coming to check out our ceiling at 7am. 7am. And the leaks are in our bedroom, so I can't just continue sleeping after Chris tries to wake me up and then gives up to deal with it himself. (What? What kind of wife does that?) We've got to be up and ready with the bed made and all the pajamas picked up and the laundry put away. I kind of have a feeling this guy won't even show up. He better show up if I'm going to be out of my warm bed that early.

Today marks one week until our little Monterey vacation. We're using up those flight vouchers from last summer's San Francisco trip to visit Chris' cousins Emily and Kelsey and their husbands up north. Should be a fun and relaxing time (assuming I get most of my TPA done in the next week). And I love traveling with Chris. Airport lounges with him and a Submarina sandwich are just the best.

Oh, and tomorrow marks eight months of marriage! Chris pointed that out at dinner tonight, along with all the things we've accomplished in our eight little months of wedded bliss: bought a house, started a business, almost finished a teaching credential. Yep. We pretty much are rock stars. :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A List

(Because coherent paragraphs are not my thing right now.)

I finish student teaching in 5 days. Thank goodness.

A few of my Algebra students bet me cookies that they can finish all their homework assignments by next Monday, the last day of class. And this was their idea. They chose cookies to bet because I always use cookies in my examples of math concepts. (If you have two cookies, how many do I have to take away from you so you don't have any?)

The teacher I work with had her baby today, and he is adorable so far. The sub just started yesterday and so far it's going great, so that's a relief. Testing is over and I got all my kids in while it was just me handling things- also a relief.

Favorite thing that happened to me today: I came home and went to take a nap, and Chris, who's on a mini vacation right now and has been home all day himself, came in, laid down with his head on my stomach and watched How I Met Your Mother with me. Love him, and love quality time like that.

Chris got me a MacBook Pro last week. Love it.

We did three photo shoots this weekend. Yep, three. All family shoots, with emphasis on newborns for two of them. It was a lot of fun, especially for me, cuz I just love those cuddly newborns! People keep thinking hiring us to take pictures of their screaming month olds will deter me from wanting kids, but it just makes me want it more! (Poor Chris.)

Friday, May 13, 2011

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"Seeing Ryan perform in Joseph tonight!"
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Best Husband Ever Award

Chris came home from his guy's night with Ryan with a present for me! What! Best. Husband. Ever.