Saturday, August 30, 2014

Around Here

Just to show a few things going on currently….

Hand cutting classroom decor

Seeing Once in a giant group, including Daniel and Jackie.

A new baby Holz! Seen at the beginning of year school barbecue.

Chris getting to sleep in with our own adorable babies.

Finally, they are getting used to just coming in the office to hang out, instead of reek havoc.

Be still my heart; baby Cowen is insanely cute. And on the blog!

Also on a blog, this time RusticWeddingChic, you can find Marc and Allison’s wedding from last summer! Hurray for being published!

First day of school friends dinner, because the Cowen’s happened to be down here. We went to Miguel’s for dinner and drinks Monday, then watched the kids play in the fountain while we hung out.

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Beginning

It’s that time again!

Pull out those uniforms, kids, and make sure you’ve got yourself enough pencils to the last year!

(No, seriously. Please make sure you get enough pencils to last the whole year. I’m so over running out by January.)

Last minute, hand cut classroom decor/inspiration.

Wowzers, my homeroom parents came through this year on Kleenex and wipes. I got more this year with my class of 14 than I did the year my homeroom size was 34.

This year’s classroom setup, which is the same as last year’s because I don’t like change.

First day of school outfit

Drawers literally bulging with math journal supplies. (If only they didn’t dwindle so fast…)

Here’s to a fantastic 2014-2015 school year!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

It's that time of year again...

T-1 days until school officially starts. And once again I’ve a mix of feelings. These feelings include:
  • excitement
  • devastation
  • creativity
  • disappointment
  • energetic
  • exhausted
  • thinking, “yeah, I’m the best teacher ever!”
  • thinking, “holy crap, how did I ever get hired to teach children?”
I don’t know why the looming thought of the beginning of the year causes so much doubt and despair, but it always does. I never feel prepared. I never feel adequate. I never feel like I want to get to know 130 new thirteen year olds, even though I said that at the beginning of last year and I ended up loving those kids so freaking much.

Summer was just too fast this year. I worked too hard to really enjoy it. And even though all that hard work is paying off now (I actually feel like I’ve got a real handle on these Common Core math standards now), man, it just feels so daunting.

All right. It’s time to man up. I’ve got some more wall decorations to cut out.