Sunday, June 19, 2016

Paislee Press May Guest Designer

In May I got to be a guest designer for Paislee Press. Paislee Press is run by my absolute favorite scrapbook designer, Liz Tamanaha, so I was pretty thrilled to get to play with all the brand new products, as well as some of the old goodies.

I took the opportunity to try to finish up some of my 2015 album. Because let's face it, once Lincoln arrived, there was no way I was finishing that album on time.

The first layout documents life at our house about a month after Lincoln was born. We did a lot of lounging bed apparently. These were the good ol' days, when we could bring Lincoln to bed with us and he would stay put. I miss having him sleep between us!

I went further back and did a spread of some of Lincoln's birth pictures. The whole story is definitely not recorded on this page, but the very abridged and wholesome version is here!

I also wanted to add a few new spreads to Lincoln's baby book. For his book, I'm using one of the new 6x8 Project Life albums. It doesn't feel quite as daunting as filling a full size book and I'm loving the smallness of it. It fits really well on my shelf. Anyway, I had planned to do three spreads showing his typical routine, morning, noon, and evening, but I ran out of time (May was crazy busy) and focused just on the morning. I'm sure I'll go back sometime this summer and finish up those other pages, since they're about halfway done.

And that was that! Super fun seeing how the whole design team thing works and being part of the behind-the-scenes of it all!

Lincoln at 6 Months

So, Lincoln actually turned 7 months a few days ago. But as our May was crazy, and the beginning of June was all about the final push to the end of the school year... I just did his 6 month page a couple days ago.

And, wow! So much has changed from those 6 month stats! At 6 months, Lincoln was trying desperately to crawl, he'd just started eating solids, and bedtime was becoming a bit frustrating for us. Not to give away too many spoilers for his 7 month page, but he crawls all over the house now (and has totally set his eyes on walking next), he eats everything, and puts himself to sleep pretty easily now, for a full 12-hour night. What will 8 months bring?!

At six months, Lincoln...
- weighs about 13.5 pounds
- loves avocados and prunes, and also eats sweet potatoes, squash, and peas
- hardly ever spits up anymore
- puts his own pacifier back in his mouth
- takes longer naps during the day (finally!)
- is really hard to change because he flirts to his stomach and tries to squirm away, every time.
- doesn't like when we leave him alone to play
- army crawls everywhere
- can sit up when we prop his arms in front of him

And here's the final page for his baby book!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tuesday blues

It is 8:54 and I have achieved my main goal of the day by being in bed before 9. I am so thankful this day is over.

Lincoln woke up around 4am and took his sweet time going back to sleep, so I've basically felt exhausted all day. Last night was, sadly, one of those nights I chose to stay up doing things, instead of my usual-and safe-10pm bedtime. Bad luck.

My 7th graders and I got moved to a tiny classroom this week, so the noise is compounded. And have I mentioned 7th grade Drama? Holy Bologna, I cannot with it anymore. I just cannot.

So I survived the day (with a little help from the Coke Chris brought me when he came with Lincoln for L's morning nursing), and managed to make it to our neighborhood pho place for some takeout, then Chris and I tag teamed cleaning the kitchen (a wreck for several days now-we were out of baby bottles!) and getting Lincoln down for the night.

Here we are, Link and me eating his dinner. He loves salmon, and seemed to like the spaghetti squash, too. He couldn't finish it all and I'll admit, I definitely helped myself to some finger foods. (Good thing, too, because I didn't get to eat my pho until 3 hours after I'd brought it home!)

So. I got the kid down. Chris took our ballots next door to our polling place. We ate our pho. I started Lincoln's diaper laundry. I took a shower. I packed Lincoln's things for his daycare house tomorrow. And now I am done.

And I am totally showing a movie in class tomorrow. ;)

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Typical Saturday in June

Today I took no pictures.

I think this is the first day since Lincoln was born that I can say that.

As I sat down to write about the day tonight, I reached for my phone to upload some pictures to go along with it, and had this realization. No pictures to go along with the story. Feels weird.

Today was one of those days that just felt good. I think it's that San Diego finally feels like summer all of the sudden. We've been in this weird, gloomy, chilly funk for awhile, but that last few days have been gorgeous! Sundress-wearing, baby with no shirt on, crank that AC and nap in front of the fan kind of days.

Warning: this is very much a journal-of-my-life type post. It's probably only interesting to me, but it's definitely a glimpse into our life right this second, which I know I'll want to remember.

After going to bed way too late last night, Lincoln and I both woke up around 7:30 this morning. Lincoln had his morning milk, I had some cereal, and then we played in his room for an hour or so. He is so much stinking fun and happy in the morning, I love it.

I got Chris up at 9 so I could take a shower. When I came back to Link's room, I found Chris lying on the floor talking on the phone and Lincoln sitting nearby playing contentedly with a new toy. Lincoln crawled into my lap and started pulling on my shirt, his way of demanding milk these days. We swapped again, and Chris went to take his shower. I went up to the attic and pulled down Lincoln's extra clothes to start sorting through the 9 months. (Trying to figure out what kind of clothes I should keep my eye out for; turns out we're all set for 9 months in every department!)

We went to the kitchen and I pulled out a spinach, pear, apple mix for Link. He loved it, and slurped down the whole packet in about two minutes, no joke. That kid eats everything. I made myself some hard boiled eggs and let Link give that a go, too. Unsurprisingly, he loved it.

At 10:45 I had to leave to go be on an interview panel for school. My friend Sarah was actually the one being interviewed, and the other two people didn't even show up, so it was a quick one. (Sarah nailed it, hurray!) After, I invited Sarah out to lunch, ran home to get Lincoln, and the two of us met her at Olive Garden. Heck yeah, unlimited chicken gnocchi and salad–the only meal I get there. I brought an avocado for Lincoln, and was totally that mom who cut it open at the restaurant and put chunks of it on the table in front of him. (But I was also that mom who cleaned up after his mess before we left.)

Lincoln and I came home around 2, and I decided we both needed a nap. He had pretty much skipped his morning nap, so I knew he was needing one bad. I took my pillow into his room and laid down next to his crib, in front of the fan. I tried to snuggle him with me, but he wanted to crawl over my head instead, so into the crib he went. He was not a fan of this plan, and scream cried for about 20 minutes straight while I continuously reminded him that I was right there and he was just fine. (We've been trying to do a nice version of cry-it-out during nap times and nights where he fights sleep, and he's really been pushing back lately.) But eventually he put his head down and immediately fell asleep, and so did I, on the floor by the crib.

Chris woke us up around 4, so we could go to our friends' house for a "meet our baby!" party. Jesse and Lily had their third girl, Naomi, a couple months ago, and we were eager to go hang out. Jesse was bbq-ing when we got there, so Chris set right in to eating a pulled pork sandwich, while I took Lincoln out back to see the kids. He loves watching kids play. I brought him back inside the house, and another friend's five-year-old brought him a gazillion toys to play with– he was in baby heaven with all those new things to pick up and chew on. When it was cooler outside, we went back out to the yard. I put Lincoln down on the actual ground for the first time ever to see what would happen. He totally showed off his crawling skills, even though the cement driveway had to be rough on his knees! That kid doesn't let anything stop him.

Chris dropped us back at home, then took off to meet Ryan for a movie at 7. Lincoln and I began prepping for bed, having one last nursing session, putting away his clean laundry, reading a book, then bath, nighttime diaper, and jammies. He was pretty tired after his fun day of crawling and seeing people, so he conked out pretty fast after he finished his bedtime bottle. I rocked him for a bit longer to make sure he was good and out before transferring him to the crib.

And then I was free to do whatever I wanted! I had so many things on my list... and instead I wound up just internet surfing. (Sad face.) Well, I did get to place a Target order I needed to do, and checked our electricity bill online. So it wasn't a complete loss.

Chris just got home, and I think I'm ready to go check on Lincoln one last time and climb into bed myself. There's always tomorrow to get to the rest of the things on my list. ;)