Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lincoln at 7 months

Again, behind with the months, but I'm slowly catching up! Lincoln turned 7 months on June 15, just in time to kick off the summer!

He was not AT ALL happy about doing this photo shoot. Pretty much anything that requires him to be on his back for longer than half a second is the worst thing in the world to him. Changing diapers are great fun these days (said super sarcastically). I'm pretty lucky I got what little pictures of him smiling that I did! Because in reality, most of the pictures look like that little one the middle right side of the spread....

At 7 months, Lincoln...
- weighs a little less than 14 pounds (yes, he's a teeny guy)
- has mastered sitting up on his own
- figured out how to crawl! (over Memorial Day weekend)
- loves blowing bubbles
- lets me know he wants to nurse by pulling on my shirt
- eats tons of food!
- loves his jumper
- rides in carts like a big boy
- can stand up in his crib
- wears a helmet to fix his flat spot
- crawls into my lap and melts my heart
- loves to crawl over daddy and mommy when they're laying on the floor